TestoGen Testosterone Supplement – Best Booster of 2019

There are plenty of good reasons to want to try TestoGen supplement – https://naturaltestosteronepills.com/increase-testosterone-naturally/ – that can increase your muscle mass and strength. Most testosterone boosters show some sort of gains in strength and muscle size. It is important to keep in mind that diet and exercise regime also play key factors in improving muscle strength and bulk.

Xero Limits is the company that develops and sells different testosterone boosters, fat burners and mass building supplements – https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC4391003/. TestoGen is a product that claims to increases the levels of free testosterone in the body as well as decrease levels of estrogen. When the estrogen levels are lowered and testosterone levels surge the results will be seen through growth in muscle mass and noticeable strength gains.

Quality Ingredients in TestoGen

TestoGen also claims to contain the ingredients that researchers at NASA and a few other universities are studying to validate the effects of Myosin Muscle Tissue Remodeling. This process involves converting Type I muscle fibers (generally known as slow twitch muscle fibers, they are associated with activities requiring endurance, they usually are weaker strength-wise in comparison to the other type of muscle fiber) into Type II (these are your fast twitch muscles which are vital in quick movements and they also are impeccable for developing more power and strength).

TestoGen also acts upon the thyroid and the hormones that affect the thyroid and increase its activity. There has been more and more research in the medical and health care field that are looking into effects of altering thyroid levels and how the levels relate to muscle mass and overall strength.

How well does TestoGen work?

There are not many testimonials given for TestoGen so with no personal reviews for or against TestoGen it makes it hard to believe all the noise about the revolutionary testosterone booster.

Expert and Consumer Reviews

TestoGen is designed to inhibit the aromatase enzyme thereby lowering estrogen and increasing free testosterone and total testosterone levels. This provides a favorable testosterone to estrogen ratio, which is conducive to stimulating muscle growth.

Possible side effects of TestoGen include hair loss, facial hair growth noticed with women, increased acne, increased aggression and irritability. TestoGen is not recommended for those people who have a prostate troubles (prostate cancer, enlarged prostate), also it is not recommended for anyone who has heart disease or bad cholesterol.

Money Back Guarantee

There was no mention of any sort of money back guarantee with TestoGen. Each bottle comes with 60 capsules and the online prices that I could find ranged between $35-$65. This product has incredible potential if all the claims are true. However, because the ingredients are so simple it is hard to believe that this testosterone booster can really back up the results that are claimed.

The Bottom Line

The consumer reviews are either 5 stars or 1 star which indicates that TestoGen may not work for everyone. Here are some samples of the two extremes.

“Easily the best “male” supplement I’ve tried. I just added their other product, “Boost,” and it’s even better when you take both. I’m very pleased!”

“I’ve been using NewVigor for a while. For whatever reason, I’ve gotten better results from some bottles than others, but it’s always been at least good, and sometimes great. I don’t know if there have been any differences in the product as another reviewer mentioned, or if it could have been other things (like my diet at the time, or stress), but I have noticed some differences… still, I’ve always felt things have been better with NewVigor than without it, and have rarely gone for too long without taking it. Though what prompted me to write today is that the result with the newest bottle I just got have been probably the best ever. I highly recommend it.”

“This was one of the worst product, it does not matter if you take 3 or 5 tablets per day but after while no effectives at all.”

“Bottle’s almost empty and I found nothing in this product to justify the high price tag. I even tried taking 10 pills in one day with no result. In fact I think I have even less energy than before!”