75 Animals That Start With F (With Pictures) (2024)

75 Animals That Start With F (With Pictures) (1)

Almost every environment has an animal that starts with the letter F.

These unique creatures are spectacles of what their environment and lineage can create.

Animals are capable of reaching massive sizes, flying without feathers, and much more.

1. French Bulldog

75 Animals That Start With F (With Pictures) (2)

French bulldogs are fun, affectionate dogs that stand between 11 and 13 inches and never weigh over 28 pounds.

This breed is best known for its friendship with any and every creature it meets, whether it’s dogs or people.

Their short, smooth coats make them easy to groom, and their socialization skills make them the perfect beginner dogs.

These dogs are incredibly adaptable and handle change like champions.

2. Flemish Giant

75 Animals That Start With F (With Pictures) (3)

Flemish Giants are known for their size at approximately two and a half feet long.

Although extra-large, these rabbits weigh only about 15 pounds at maximum weight.

They originated in 16th century Belgium but were not fully recognized as a breed until the mid-1800s.

These rabbits also come in seven different colors.

3. Flying Squirrel

75 Animals That Start With F (With Pictures) (4)

Flying squirrels use the skin between their arms and legs to glide down from higher points on trees.

Once the squirrel has landed on the lower part of the tree, it will quickly scurry to the other side to avoid getting preyed on by animals just waiting for it to land.

There are two different types of flying squirrel: the northern flying squirrel and the southern flying squirrel.

4. Four-Toed Hedgehog

75 Animals That Start With F (With Pictures) (5)

The Four-Toed Hedgehog has about 6,000 quills for protection, and they are known to be sharper than the quills of a porcupine.

When threatened, they will roll up in a ball and tuck their heads into a pouch.

This is made possible by the muscle that contracts them into ball formation.

The ball position is also the ideal position for hedgehogs to sleep.

5. Falkland Islands Wolf

75 Animals That Start With F (With Pictures) (6)

Falkland Islands wolves were once the only large mammals on the island other than seals.

These wolves lived off the seals, seabirds, and penguins that also called the island home.

When Charles Darwin first visited the island, it was the first time that the wolves had ever seen humans or large, bipedal creatures.

It only took humans 40 years to hunt the Falkland Islands wolves to extinction.

6. Florida Panther

75 Animals That Start With F (With Pictures) (7)

Florida Panthers are the only species of puma to reproduce in the eastern United States.

Kittens are spotted with a dark pattern, while adults are fully tan, with potential browning down the back.

While mostly dining on deer and wild hogs, they will also consume unattended pets.

7. Fell Ponies

75 Animals That Start With F (With Pictures) (8)

Fell ponies have been around since prehistoric times and are native to northern England.

They were domesticated early in human history and have been used for a multitude of different jobs through the generations.

These horses were used in the Iron Age, in the Roman Empire during the Roman occupation, and were even used by Vikings.

In modern times, fell ponies are the most well-rounded horses you can find and are excellent for beginner riders, no matter their age.

8. Flameback Angelfish

75 Animals That Start With F (With Pictures) (9)

The Flameback Angelfish, sometimes called the African Pygmy fish, has an astonishing palette.

Deep blues cover its sides while a vibrant orange crests its face and spine.

Their tail is nearly transparent, save the blue streaks from the base.

As saltwater omnivores, they frequently eat algae and shrimp.

9. Fraser’s Dolphin

75 Animals That Start With F (With Pictures) (10)

Fraser’s dolphins are incredibly social creatures that live in groups of 10 to 100.

However, they have been seen in groups of over 1,000 in the past.

These elusive creatures took scientists a long time to find.

They were first identified by a single skull that had washed ashore in 1956.

It wasn’t until 1971 that they were seen alive and in the wild.

10. Fearful Owl

75 Animals That Start With F (With Pictures) (11)

Fearful Owls are native to the Solomon Islands, off of New Guinea.

On these islands are lowland forests and hill forests, where the owls can hunt freely for possums.

They are also known to catch other birds with their large talons.

This owl does not “hoot” for a call but rather holds out one long note.

11. False Gharial

75 Animals That Start With F (With Pictures) (12)

False gharials, also known as Malayan gharials, can be found in the fresh waters of Southeast Asia, such as slow-moving rivers, lakes, and swamps.

They’re called false gharials because they’re smaller than other gharials and they aren’t found anywhere near other gharials.

These freshwater reptiles are endangered by habitat loss and poaching caused by people wanting Malayan gharial clothes and accessories.

12. Fangtooth

75 Animals That Start With F (With Pictures) (13)

The Fangtooth Fish is a deep water fish that can be found at depths exceeding 16,000 feet.

During the day, these fish can be found deeper in the water, but at night, they have been known to swim up 10,000 feet higher.

Their long, sharp teeth have specialized pockets to fit in when fangtooths want to close their mouths.

This is a safety feature to prevent its teeth from piercing its own brain.

13. French Lops

75 Animals That Start With F (With Pictures) (14)

French lops are large domesticated rabbits that can weigh anywhere from 10 to 15 pounds.

These bunnies are best known for their docile nature and their love of being held.

Their ears alone are about five to eight inches in length.

Like Flemish giants, French lops are considered to be a giant breed of rabbit.

14. Flatworms

75 Animals That Start With F (With Pictures) (15)

Flatworms are parasitic species of worm.

They are flat invertebrates with spongy inner tissue to connect the organs.

A common type of flatworm is the tapeworm, which is known to latch on to animals and humans as hosts.

These worms have no natural pigment, so coloration is determined by internal fluid color based on nutrition.

15. Fringe-Lipped Bat

75 Animals That Start With F (With Pictures) (16)

Fringe-lipped bats are so well known for their love of eating frogs that they are sometimes referred to as frog-eating bats.

These bats use the mating calls of male frogs to locate their prey and will scoop the frog up as soon as it comes out of hiding.

Their name comes from the bumps all over their lips that secrete a substance that neutralizes the frogs’ protective toxins.

16. Fabrosaurus

75 Animals That Start With F (With Pictures) (17)

Fabrosaurus was a dinosaur that lived in South Africa around 200 million years ago.

Bearing physical resemblance to raptors, this dinosaur’s similarities end there.

The Fabrosaurus lived an herbivorous life, eating shrubs and small plants.

They were about the size of a dog and had more of a beak-like structure to their mouths.

17. Frilled Lizard

75 Animals That Start With F (With Pictures) (18)

The frilled lizard is best known for the umbrella-like frills that pop up from its neck whenever it feels that it is in danger or needs to intimidate an enemy.

When relaxed, the frills look more like a cape.

To get around, the frilled lizard will run on its back legs and use the front legs for foraging.

18. French Angoras

75 Animals That Start With F (With Pictures) (19)

French Angoras produce some of the finest quality wool on the market.

Bred originally in 1939 for wool production, these rabbits are quite docile.

Their personality grows sweeter with more care.

Regular brushing and harvesting of the wool will give these rabbits a sense of familiarity.

They live roughly seven to 12 years and need plenty of fiber to prevent early health issues.

19. Fin Whale

75 Animals That Start With F (With Pictures) (20)

The fin whale is the second biggest animal on the planet, weighing nearly 80 tons and measuring 65 to 80 feet in length.

There are only 50,000 to 90,000 of these endangered whales left on the planet.

To filter out water from food, these whales use their baleen plates.

They scare their prey into tighter groups, which makes it easier for them to catch more.

20. Flying Fish

75 Animals That Start With F (With Pictures) (21)

Flying Fish are a variety of fish that includes about 40 species.

Some have two “wings” while others have four, but these wings are actually fins.

The fins generate enough speed underwater to launch the fish above the surface, and while flying fish are airborne, they glide with their fins.

They can glide at about 10 miles an hour.

21. Fossa

75 Animals That Start With F (With Pictures) (22)

Fossas are the top predator on the island of Madagascar and will search day and night to find any animal to eat, including lemurs, birds, frogs, lizards, and even insects.

Female adolescent fossas undergo a unique development process called transient masculinization, where the females will grow false male genitals.

Scientists have theorized that this is to keep adult males off of the young females.

22. Falcarius

75 Animals That Start With F (With Pictures) (23)

Falcarius was a dinosaur native to Utah.

They were feathered creatures with long, sharp claws, which explains where the name comes from.

Meaning “sickle cutter”, these creatures’ claws were most likely used to catch prey at one point.

However, these dinosaurs are one of the only carnivores to ever evolve into herbivores later on.

23. Flatback Sea Turtle

75 Animals That Start With F (With Pictures) (24)

The flatback sea turtle is a massive turtle that can be 3.25 feet in length and can weigh up to 198 pounds.

These turtles prefer to eat jellyfish, sea cucumbers, mollusks, prawns, and seaweed,

Flatback sea turtles can only be found in the coastal waters of Australia and Papua New Guinea.

In a year, a female will lay four clutches of about 50 eggs.

24. Fire Salamander

75 Animals That Start With F (With Pictures) (25)

Fire salamanders can be found on both sides of the northern hemisphere.

They typically prefer to be in cooler climates with aquatic habitats nearby.

Breathing is mostly done through its skin, as is toxin creation.

Mouths also contain tongue pads with toxic glands.

After their skin is old, they will shed the skin and eat it.

25. Fallow Deer

75 Animals That Start With F (With Pictures) (26)

Fallow deer are most easily identifiable by their light, spotted coats, round heads, and large antlers.

They can be found all over England’s woodlands and grasslands.

Sixty percent of their diet is grass, with 40% being a combination of herbs and young trees.

They normally live in groups of 10 to 50 deer and are known for being pests to farmers.

In the fall, these animals are prone to eat the crops that farmers worked so hard to grow.

26. Franciscana Dolphin

75 Animals That Start With F (With Pictures) (27)

The Franciscana Dolphin is famous for having the longest ratio of beak to body recorded, with 15% of its total length being beak.

These dolphins are not acrobatic like traditionally thought about dolphins, but they move very smoothly at a slower pace.

Dietary habits are simple for the Franciscana, being shallow water seasonal fish.

Octopus and squid are also well-known prey to this dolphin.

27. Fur Seal

75 Animals That Start With F (With Pictures) (28)

Although they may be cute, fur seals are absolutely massive.

These marine mammals are capable of weighing up to 700 pounds and can grow to be anywhere from four to 10 feet in length.

Fur seals can live for 12 to 30 years.

The difference between true seals and fur seals is that fur seals have external ears and the ability to use all four of their limbs to get across the land.

28. Fathead Sculpins

75 Animals That Start With F (With Pictures) (29)

Fathead Sculpins are a family of fish that can be found around 4,000 feet deep in the sea.

The most well-known fathead sculpins is the Blobfish.

Made famous by a specimen named “Mr. Blobby” in 2003, the world first saw a blobfish out of its natural environment.

In the depths of the blobfish’s inhabit, pressure is 120 times stronger, and deformities occur when that pressure is taken away from them.

29. Fruitadens

75 Animals That Start With F (With Pictures) (30)

Fruitadens are the smallest known dinosaur species and 25.5 inches to nearly 30 inches in length.

Their estimated weight is only slightly over one pound to 1.65 pounds.

Despite their tiny size, they were most likely omnivores that were alive during the Jurassic period.

Fruitadens are thought to have agile runners who managed to survive larger predators by outpacing them.

30. False Water Cobra

75 Animals That Start With F (With Pictures) (31)

The False Water Cobra is a South American reptile, known for having fangs in the rear of its mouth, rather than the front.

Nutritional diet comes from consuming fish, frogs, and small amphibians from the water.

While this snake is venomous, the venom has no way of being injected other than chewing with the back teeth.

If humans are somehow injected, they will experience blood clots and other symptoms.

31. Flamingo Tongue Snail

75 Animals That Start With F (With Pictures) (32)

The flamingo tongue snail is a foraging predator that can be found crawling along coral reefs.

Their favorite coral to eat is soft, fan, and whip corals.

To dissolve and consume the coral, the flamingo tongue snail will use chemicals that it secretes from its feet.

Since the snail often eats toxic coral, it will store the toxins in its tissue to use as a defense mechanism.

32. f*ckuiraptor

75 Animals That Start With F (With Pictures) (33)

The f*ckuiraptor comes from the f*ckui Prefecture in Japan.

They are not entirely raptors, as there were no elongated toe claws to indicate such.

Bones that scientists have discovered have only looked to be juvenile bones, and so research is not yet complete on this cretaceous era reptile.

33. Flat-Tailed Horned Lizard

75 Animals That Start With F (With Pictures) (34)

The flat-tailed horned lizard is one of the few horned lizards that is unable to squirt blood from its eyes as a defense mechanism.

Instead, they are able to run at incredible speeds and quickly create burrows to hide in.

Although people have wanted to domesticate these lizards, reptile raisers have an incredibly difficult time getting them to eat the ants that they provide.

34. Forest Buzzard

75 Animals That Start With F (With Pictures) (35)

Forest Buzzards, sometimes called the “Common Buzzard” is a predatory bird seen across Europe and Africa.

These carnivores feast on carrion varieties such as crows and vultures.

If there is a lack of warm-blooded prey, they will find large worms and insects to eat.

Interestingly enough, when crossing mountainous expanses, these birds will climb as far as they can on foot before gliding.

35. Four Ring Purse Crab

75 Animals That Start With F (With Pictures) (36)

The four ring purse crab is a small crustacean that resembles the pebbles they live among on the pebble beaches near rocky reefs.

These tiny crabs feed only on plankton because that’s all they’re big enough to eat.

Four ring purse crabs are considered to be true crabs thanks to their four walking legs, two clawed arms, and a short abdomen.

36. Florida White

75 Animals That Start With F (With Pictures) (37)

The rabbits, known for being all-purpose, make excellent companions.

They are known for being friendly off the bat, and they relax even more with socialization.

Like most rabbits, this fluffy white breed eats hay and plentiful vegetables.

Their genetic makeup includes a crossing of an albino Dutch, albino Polish, and New Zealand white rabbit.

37. French Angelfish

75 Animals That Start With F (With Pictures) (38)

French angelfish are a dark shade of navy blue with yellow markings and white specks across the entire sides of their bodies.

These fish are one of the few fish that mate for life and can become incredibly territorial of their home.

Thanks to their striking coloration, they are often bred for aquariums.

However, they are often eaten in Thailand and Singapore.

38. Flat-Coated Retriever

75 Animals That Start With F (With Pictures) (39)

The Flat-Coated Retriever is sometimes referred to as a “forever puppy” due to its long process of maturing.

This makes flat-coats perfect for families with energetic children and active adults.

They are medium size, weighing in at around 60 pounds on average.

Maintenance needs are low, and they can live up to 14 years old, which makes this breed the perfect one to grow alongside.

39. Florida Scrub Lizard

75 Animals That Start With F (With Pictures) (40)

Florida scrub lizards are tiny lizards that can be found all over the state of Florida.

At maximum, they can only grow to be about five inches in length.

These little lizards forage for food along the ground, looking for insects, spiders, and even smaller lizards.

Florida scrub lizards are more active during hot days than cooler days.

40. Firefly Squid

75 Animals That Start With F (With Pictures) (41)

Firefly squid get their name from the hundreds, if not thousands, of photophores all over its body.

Creating bioluminescence isn’t enough for this three-inch predator, as it’s the only squid known to have color vision.

Their eyes can also distinguish between ambient or bioluminescent light.

Using their photophores, they can use a wide array of light patterns to communicate with, or distract, other sea life.

41. Friesan Horse

75 Animals That Start With F (With Pictures) (42)

Friesan horses have been used as warhorses for centuries, thanks to their calm and steady demeanor.

These horses are now used in every kind of sport.

They’re incredibly eager to learn, which makes them perfect for learning different sports, such as dressage, racing, and jumping.

Friesan horses have always looked to their rider for direction and assurance.

42. Flashlight Fish

75 Animals That Start With F (With Pictures) (43)

Flashlight Fish are known for their bioluminescence beneath their eyes.

This is created using bacteria specialized in one organ below the eye to create the effect.

The flashlight fish is known to be one of the only non-deep-sea fish to have bioluminescent abilities.

43. Fine-Striped Snapping Shrimp

75 Animals That Start With F (With Pictures) (44)

Fine-striped snapping shrimps are brightly colored shrimp that never like to live alone.

Instead, they live in pairs or colonies in holes that they will share with other species of shrimp.

While the snapping shrimp digs the hole, the other species will stand guard.

These nocturnal hunters only come out at night to hunt zooplankton and other tiny invertebrates.

Otherwise, they prefer to stay in their holes at all times.

44. Florida Kingsnake

75 Animals That Start With F (With Pictures) (45)

The Florida kingsnake, on average, grows to about 40 inches, but it can grow up to around 60 at record length.

They prey on birds and amphibians, but their preferred meals are other kingsnakes and reptile eggs.

Florida kingsnakes have roughly 40 rings in a chain pattern going down their backs.

45. Fowler’s Toad

75 Animals That Start With F (With Pictures) (46)

Fowler’s toad is a small toad that only grows to be two inches to 3.5 inches.

Despite their tiny size, females are able to lay a string of 20,000 eggs in a single go.

These toads will come out at night to hunt insects, snails, and worms and are able to live for up to five years.

46. f*ckuisaurus

75 Animals That Start With F (With Pictures) (47)

Not much is known about the f*ckuisaurus from the skull remains found, but we do know its origin and approximate age.

The skull suggests they were too primitive for side-to-side chewing, which became imperative for herbivores later.

Their home was in f*ckui Prefecture in the Cretaceous period.

47. Fiordland Penguin

75 Animals That Start With F (With Pictures) (48)

Fiordland penguins are best known for their striking eyebrows.

They stand between 21 and 23 inches and can weigh 5.5 to 10.75 pounds.

There are only about 6,000 to 7,500 of these penguins left on the planet.

Both males and females are very territorial over their mates.

Males defend their females and nests from other males with their lives.

Females become violent when they see their mate with another female.

48. Finnish Spitz

75 Animals That Start With F (With Pictures) (49)

The Finnish Spitz is a dog breed hailing from Finland.

It earned the title “Barking Bird Dog” for its tracking prowess and unique bark.

To this day, they are still Finland’s most popular breed, and there are competitions for their barks.

49. Fer-de-Lance

75 Animals That Start With F (With Pictures) (50)

The fer-de-lance is the most dangerous snake in all of South and Central America and causes the most human deaths out of any reptile found in any of the Americas.

Its name is French for “spearhead”, referencing the shape of its head.

You can find these snakes in forested areas, at the edges of the streams and ditches, and near plantations and other human settlements.

50. Fringed Myotis

75 Animals That Start With F (With Pictures) (51)

Found in the western United States and Mexico, the Fringed Myotis has a wing up on other bats.

These bats can take off from the ground and have been seen in near-vertical flight.

While this was observed in captivity, ones in the wild find solace in caves and abandoned buildings.

51. Ferruginous Duck

75 Animals That Start With F (With Pictures) (52)

Ferruginous ducks are chestnut brown with white underbellies.

You can tell males from females thanks to the males’ striking light eyes and females’ darker eyes.

These ducks will create larger flocks of other mixed species of diving ducks in the winter to keep themselves safe.

They often flock with tufted ducks and pochards.

52. Field Spaniel

75 Animals That Start With F (With Pictures) (53)

Field Spaniels are known to be tender dogs and gentle with their owners.

These dogs are tranquil at home but can be used for sport and hunting.

When in action, field spaniels turn into vigorous and focused creatures.

53. Fox Snake

75 Animals That Start With F (With Pictures) (54)

Fox snakes can be found all over the United States in prairies, farmland, and woodlands near rivers or streams.

They are able to grow three to five feet in length by eating birds, eggs, rodents, and frogs.

These snakes are completely covered in scales, including their eyes.

This makes it impossible for the snake to ever close its eyes or blink.

54. Fluffy-Backed Tit-Babbler

75 Animals That Start With F (With Pictures) (55)

The Fluffy-Backed Tit-Babbler is a variety of bird found along shorelines of the islands in the South China Sea.

They are a chestnut brown in color with a red crown and blue skin near their beak.

55. Finnish Lapphund

75 Animals That Start With F (With Pictures) (56)

The Finnish Lapphund was once bred to herd reindeer around in the Arctic Circle but is now raised to be affectionate pets.

On average, these dogs weigh 33 to 53 pounds and are anywhere from 16 to 21 inches in height.

These dogs live for 12 to 15 years and are incredibly trainable.

However, they are prone to being startled because of all the years they would have to avoid the antlers of angry reindeer.

56. Flamboyant Cuttlefish

75 Animals That Start With F (With Pictures) (57)

Flamboyant cuttlefish are cephalopods with bright yellows and pinks on their bodies.

These brightly colored fish spray ink when they feel threatened, much like octopuses.

The females of this species are known to hide their eggs from predators in many clever crevices.

57. Florida Bonneted Bat

75 Animals That Start With F (With Pictures) (58)

The Florida bonneted bat is the largest bat in all of Florida.

While their bodies may only be 6.5 inches in length, they have a wingspan of 20 inches.

This endangered species of bat has a difficult time reproducing, so the citizens of Florida began to create bat houses that they hang out on trees.

The Florida bonneted bat has been reported frequently using these boxes to raise their young in.

58. Futalognkosaurus

75 Animals That Start With F (With Pictures) (59)

The Futalognkosaurus is the most complete giant sauropod that has been discovered.

Their estimated length is between 105 and 112 feet.

This dinosaur lived during the Cretaceous period.

59. Florida Reef Gecko

75 Animals That Start With F (With Pictures) (60)

Florida reef geckos are one of the smallest reptiles in the United States, only growing to about two to 2.25 inches in length.

Whenever vacationing in Florida, you can find them all over camping sites, pinelands, and often inside your hammocks, tents, and campers.

These lizards have managed to confine themselves solely to the state of Florida while also remaining abundant.

60. Field Vole

75 Animals That Start With F (With Pictures) (61)

Field voles are the most common mammal in the United Kingdom, where there are 75 million field voles.

During mating season, male field voles secrete a foul stench and become increasingly territorial of their breeding grounds.

61. Fjord Horse

75 Animals That Start With F (With Pictures) (62)

The Fjord horse is the oldest pure breed of horse alive.

While no one is certain of their true origin, the breed is known to have migrated to Norway over 4,000 years ago.

Vikings took these horses to war when traveling to Iceland and Scotland.

After the fighting had ceased, the horses became powerful workhorses that helped plow the fields.

62. Fennec Fox

75 Animals That Start With F (With Pictures) (63)

Fennec foxes are the smallest species of fox in the world and are the only carnivores capable of managing the severe lack of water that comes from living in the Sahara.

Despite how small they are, they are able to run 20 miles per hour.

63. Fell Terrier

75 Animals That Start With F (With Pictures) (64)

Fell terriers are a type of dog that includes breeds such as the Patterdale terrier, Lakeland terrier, and the Scorrier terrier.

These dogs are long-legged, working terriers.

Due to their working dog nature, these dogs are happiest when they’re on the job.

They were bred to help on farms and hunt rats, rabbits, badgers, and foxes.

Now, they are great excellent medical alert dogs and compete in sports like agility.

64. False Killer Whale

75 Animals That Start With F (With Pictures) (65)

False killer whales are friendly creatures that look similar to orcas but lack the white underbelly.

They are capable of weighing 3,000 pounds and growing up to 20 feet in length.

Sadly, there are fewer than 200 left in the wild and their population has been decreasing since the 2000s.

65. Fea’s Muntjac

75 Animals That Start With F (With Pictures) (66)

Fea’s Muntjac lives in the heavily vegetated forests of Thailand.

These skittish creatures rarely leave their forests, where they munch on all of the plants they can find.

These tiny deer don’t live very long in the wild and have only lived a maximum of 12 years in captivity.

This may be caused by their rapid maturity.

66. French Spaniel

75 Animals That Start With F (With Pictures) (67)

French spaniels were raised as elegant hunting dogs in France but are now raised as active family dogs.

Due to their working heritage, they are highly trainable and need enough mental stimulation in order to behave properly.

67. Flame Streaked Box Crab

75 Animals That Start With F (With Pictures) (68)

The flame streaked box crab is a large burrowing crab that is best known for the way they draw water through their gills and shoot the water out of their head like a fountain.

Their massive claws are used for more than just burrowing.

They’re also used to rip open hermit crabs, similar to the way a can opener opens a tin can.

68. French Trotter

75 Animals That Start With F (With Pictures) (69)

The French Trotter was developed in Normandy during the 1800s when trotting races were popular.

These horses have been bred with speed, stamina, and strength in mind.

Despite being around for over 100 years, the French Trotter wasn’t recognized as a breed until 1922.

69. False Black Widow

75 Animals That Start With F (With Pictures) (70)

The false black widow is a spider that looks extremely similar to a black widow but doesn’t have the same lethal bite as the real black widow.

This spider’s bite is still described as being extremely painful, but only females will bite.

Another way to tell a black widow from a false black widow is coloration.

False black widows are dark brown, while black widows are black with a red, hourglass-shaped marking.

70. Fisher Cat

75 Animals That Start With F (With Pictures) (71)

Fisher cats are another animal with an extremely misleading name.

They don’t fish, and they aren’t cats.

Fisher cats, also known as just fishers, are actually the second-largest member of the weasel family.

Fishers’ preferred prey is actually porcupines.

71. Fugu

75 Animals That Start With F (With Pictures) (72)

Fugu is the Japanese name for pufferfish and is the name of the most dangerous dish.

Pufferfish usually have too many toxins in them to be safe for consumption, but the art of cooking fugu is something that the Japanese people hold dear.

In Japan, you must be licensed in order to serve this dish.

Only the organs are poisonous, but the poison works quickly.

First, it numbs your tongue, then it paralyzes you completely, and then you die.

Those who eat their organs stay conscious through the whole experience.

72. Fairy Penguin

75 Animals That Start With F (With Pictures) (73)

Fairy penguins are the smallest species of penguins, standing only at 16 inches and weighing two pounds.

Despite their tiny size, they are able to zip through the water at 1.6 miles per hour.

73. Flying Lemur

75 Animals That Start With F (With Pictures) (74)

Despite their name, flying lemurs don’t truly fly, nor are they lemurs.

They’re also known as colugos, and their closest living relatives are primates.

Their bones are much lighter than those of squirrels but are denser than bats’.

The flying lemur’s fur-covered membrane helps it glide 200 feet between the trees.

74. Fat Sand Rat

75 Animals That Start With F (With Pictures) (75)

Fat sand rats are a type of gerbil that was accidentally first discovered in Egypt by a United States Naval Medical Research Unit.

These rodents are only about seven inches and 0.45 pounds at their maximum size.

75. Frilled Shark

75 Animals That Start With F (With Pictures) (76)

The frilled shark is a deep-sea shark that has an eel-like body and haunting, black eyes.

They have more than 300 thin, sharp teeth.

The frilled sharks’ deep-sea home has allowed them to be unbothered by humans for centuries, which has made it possible for them to keep their prehistoric form.

These living fossils are normally four to five feet, but some female frilled sharks have been reported to reach lengths of 6.6 feet.

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