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Hullo, same anonymous who talked about the pillars here

I haven't found any indication of inspired ponies for the other pillars but I just wanted to give you a summary of each of them and their overall story (cause I love to talk about those ancient guys) :

-Starswirl the bearded (who has multiples namesake) : most of him is known in previous seasons (incredible sorcerer, inventor of spells, banisher of the sirens, ...) but what is learned after is that he is also what we commonly call a : JERK. He doesn't understand friendship, is very very self-righteous and serious, doesn't hesitate to treat Twilight as an idiot after she freed him and the others from limbo (because it also freed Stygian in his pony of shadows mood), ... Though after learning he was an idiot and pushed Stygian to villainy by not giving him a chance to explain himself, he becomes better and explores Equestria to learn friendship (and gets scammed once). I looked at the four different namesakes he had and we have pretty much : G1 - mare earth- part of a set, followed a rainbow to see where it gots its colors, found a lake with her friends, dove in and got pretty swirls. (No media appearance)G2 - Princess Magic Starswirl, a earth pony mare with a magic amulet that changes colors, can become an "angel" and get wings. (No media appearance)G3 - Earth pony mare, she stays up late to watch stars far past other ponies (Luna would have loved her) and is ready for adventures day or night (Cameo in comics)G4 - here there are multiples so : -Toy Starswirl : no information as she was a bonus edition pony put with Rarity's carriage-Comic Starswirl (before season 7) : all white, he was pretty much a sillier (and nicer) version of the Starswirl of the series. He litterally had a song battle with the sirens and was a goofball. (Haven't read all the comics so yeah)-Somnambula : she is an optimistic pegasus (element of hope), her tale can be summarized in : There was a big scary sphynx who took the crops from the people. The pharaoh went to it like "stop taking our food", the sphynx refuses and kidnapps him. Somnambula goes "give him back!". The sphynx gives a riddle and is a very bad sport when Somnambula guess right. Somnambula tells the sphynx to do an "all-or-nothing" turn but it has to gtfo if she wins. She is forced to traverse above a pool of weird green goo with her wings tied behind her back and a blindfold, she manages to do it and the sphynx gtfo. After arriving in modern Equestria, she takes care of a yoga-type meditation class (in her home country, if I remember well?). G1-Somnambula is a human sorceress who stole ponies youth to stay young/becomes more powerful. Kinda wonder what she would do as a young pegasus mare :vc

-Meadowbrook : Meadowbrook is a earth-pony mare healer (and not a eastern unicorn as said in Starlight debut). Her tale can be summarized in disease change people in trees, her mom catches it. Meadowbrook searches a remedy and finally realize than flash-bees can polinate the flowers causing the disease, so she tries and steal their honey. It goes wrong until she puts on her healing mask, which kinda looks like a flash-bee queen. She heals everypony and all is well. Once in modern era, she goes back to her old home and makes shop there, healing and making remedies there with a descendant (I think?). G1 Meadowbrook loves all flowers and lives in Ponyville, she makes them grow and bloom in her greenhouse and sells them. When people buys her treats, she always adds a flower in their basket and can't decide on a favorite flower. (No media appearances)-Rockhoof : Rockhoof is a earth stallion who was very small and weak and wanted to be part of the Mighty Helm, but he was too weak. He trained with a shovel. The volcano on his town island erupted and he decided to dig a trench to get the magma in the water and not in town, he wasn't going to have enough time as he was alone doing that. But by the power of the shovel, he got very strong and buff, did the trench and saving his home in the process. In the modern era, he got an existential crisis when he realized than there wasn't a lot asked of him with his shovel, failed to get a job multiple times, made a few catastrophes and asked to be changed in stone until Yona proved once more to be best yack and convinced him he was very good at stories, so he got the role of "Keeper of tales" (or something similar sounding).

Flash Magnus : Pegasus soldier of the I-don't-remember-the-name army (maybe just pegasi army?), his tale is the one I remember the less, but pretty much, pegasi vs dragon. Pegasi are caught and about to become grilled chiken, Flash takes his shield and tank dragon fire. I prefer his secondary tale in the comics where a tornado rolls toward a griffons town, the griffons-soldier are like "we can deal with it", Flash superior is like "they are jerk, they can deal with it" and the poor griffon-citizen are like :( . The tornado is about to hit the town as the griffon-soldier can't deal with it and Flash goes "f*ck this sh*t I'm out" and saves griffons and other soldiers follow his lead to save citizens. In the futur, he is part of Equestria's army.

Mistmane : An eastern unicorn, you have seen her tale and I'm already doing a very bad job of summarizing. In the modern era she grows crystal flowers in the crystal empire.Stygian : Pretty much, small weak unicorn lives in a town. The town is attacked by sirens, he likes tales so he figures "hey let's travel all of Equestria to gets my six favorites on a team and save my town". He does it, the team stays together for a while but he feels put aside after a remark than he "brings nothing on the team" (accidentally said by Starswirl when he tried to figure out his virtue and Stygian is like : idk man, I'm not a hero (has litterally done a hero's quest but he is a dumbass)). So he decides to copy his friends stuff to become a hero too, he goes to Ponehedge, Starswirl thinks he was trying to steal their power and he doesn't manage to explain himself and decides to play friend with a shadow (bad idea). The Pony Of Shadows is normally OP so the pillars decides to seal themselves and him in limbo to never comeback. Thanks to a double-friendship laser, he begins to separate from the shadow, Twilight jumps in like "wtf there is somepony here", he explains not wanting to steal the artifacts, the pillars are surprised-pikachu-face, Twilight drags him out and bam, shadow in limbo. In the modern era, Stygian writes a trilogy on his story and it is a bestseller, and we never see him again in person after his finale, we just see him on the cover of his book when Rockhoof is being depressed than he is the only one not finding a purpose. (Was forgetting, there are loads of jokes about Stygian being a recycled second Luna with the whole "feeling underappreciated and became a vengeful shadow pony who just needed a big hug")So yeah, that means than this team is pretty much : ancient wizard (who may or may not turn into a young mare with no magic or a sillier version of himself (wonder which one is the creepier :vc)), a nice positiv girl (who may or may not turn into a villain), an healer (who may lose her healing ability and instead be like "ooooh flower !!!! :D"), a pony who has already had preeeeeetty depressive thoughts cause he felt useless, another pony who did dumb things cause he felt useless but has communication issues on top of it, an old mare and a soldier. And I forgot, they have no idea of who will change/transform, why or how.Sorry I very much failed to summarize-summarize, but I'm feeling to lazy to try and shorten the whole thing x'D

#mlp infection au | eiswolfzero (2024)
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